RHIEOS is a consulting and service venture focused on lowering barriers around clinical development and enabling access to healthcare solutions


Larry Ajuwon founded Rhieos-Ventures in 2013. A Chemist by training, Larry has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 18 years. He has supported the development of more 30 drugs (including Sirolimus, Augmentin, Viagra, Lipitor, Enbrel, Cerezyme and Thyrogen) in multiple therapeutic areas including CNS, Oncology, Anti-infectives, Organ Transplant, Cardiovascular, Genetic disorders and Metabolic diseases.
Larry has held various senior level roles within clinical development (biometrics, clinical operations & project management) and corporate functions (legal, marketing and procurement). Larry's specialties are clinical research strategy, program leadership, R&D partnering, outsourcing, project financial benchmarking and cost analytics. 
A strong advocate for global health and neglected disease research, Larry actively supports projects and initiatives in this area. RHIEOS-Ventures is building the first multi-centre sickle cell disorder registry in Nigeria and other innovations to improve the clinical research enterprise.
Prior to joining the pharmaceutical industry, Larry worked as an Analytical chemist in the food, chemical and entertainment industries.Past and present professional memberships: RSC, ACDM, PCMG, PMI, DIA, IACCM, ISPOR and LESI.